Advertising Policies and Rates: The MCBA Bulletin is normally published monthly and distributed electronically. Subscribers are primarily lawyers and judges in Marion County. It is well read by members. The MCBA Bulletin is the most efficient, audience-concentrated way to reach many of the over 1,000 local legal professionals in Salem and Marion County, Oregon.

Deadlines:  The deadline for advertising is the 12th of the month of issue.  No ads taken by telephone.  Contact Ryan Jennings at

Payment: We will send you an email invoice and a link to the issue.   You should then send a check and if possible note “Ad” and the month of publication in the memo line.  Checks should be made payable to the Marion County Bar Association and sent to our executive assistant Kim Taylor at MCBA, PO Box 333, Salem OR 97308.

Discounts:  Discounts for banner, full, three quarter and half page ads that repeat month to month.

Display Ad Rates:

Front page banner ad.         1/5 page                      $70        Disc. $5

Full page                                 Full                               $100      Disc. $10                     

Three quarter page              3/4 page                      $85        Disc. $5          

Half page                                1/2 page                      $65        Disc. $5

Quarter Page                         1/4 page                      $40

One sixth page                      1/6 page                      $25

Business card                        1/12 page                    $20

Classified Ad Rates: Insertion is 30 words or less, and each word counts.
MCBA Members: $15 per insertion
Non-Members: $20 per insertion
Each additional word negotiable


Five 7-1/2” x 2” ads fit within the 7-1/2” x 10” copy space available above the footer on the page.   This is size of a normal banner ad.   Four 7-1/2” x 2.5” ads fit on a page.   Prices for banner ads inside the publication negotiable.

Marion County Bar Association
PO Box 333
Salem, OR 97308

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