Oregon eCourt will give courts and judges the tools they need to provide just, prompt, and safe resolution of civil disputes; to improve public safety and the quality of life in our communities; and to improve the lives of children and families in crisis.

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Oregon eCourt went live in the Yamhill County Circuit Court on Monday, June 4, 2012. Yamhill County Circuit Court served as the Pilot court for the implementation of the Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey product, better known to the public as Oregon eCourt Case Information (OECI). The role of the pilot court was to prove the solution.Crook, Jefferson, Linn, and Jackson County Circuit Courts were early adoptercourts. Linn, Crook, and Jefferson County Circuit Courts went live with Odyssey on Monday, December 10, 2012. Jackson County Circuit Court went live on Monday, March 11, 2013. The role of the early adopter courts was to prove the implementation before it is rolled out to all courts statewide. This involved testing and fixing issues prior to installation in other courts.

As a result, not all components are installed at go-live. Some changes or revisions may be made to the system based on the experience of the pilot and early adopters and additional implementations. During this time, the patience of our users and business partners is greatly appreciated. We have now entered the statewide rollout phase with Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook Circuit Courts going live August 2013.

The remaining Oregon Circuit Courts are in the process of transitioning from OJIN to Oregon eCourt. During this transition period (now through June 2016) you will find case information in OJIN for all courts that have not transitioned to Oregon eCourt. As courts move to Oregon eCourt their information will be found in OECI (Oregon eCourt Case Information System).

Click here for the statewide eCourt rollout schedule for the remaining courts.

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