Differentiating Violence, Responding to Violence, and Reporting Abuse

Marion County Circuit Court Family Law Advisory Committee
High Conflict Symposium VII

“Differentiating Violence, Responding to Violence, and Reporting Abuse”
January 8, 2010 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Paulus Lecture Hall
Willamette University College of Law
Reception & Refreshments following the formal presentations

For registration or further information contact:

David Bertram
Mediation Coordinator
Marion County Circuit Court
PO Box 12869
100 High Street NE
Salem, Or 97309-0869
Office phone 503-584-4754 (first preference)

Marion County Courthouse HVAC Project

Courtroom and Judge Relocation Information

The Marion County Courthouse is undergoing renovations to replace the building’s failing HVAC system. To accommodate the work, courtrooms and judges will be moved over the next 18 months. The first moves will be occurring this week as outlined below. Phone numbers WILL NOT be changed. Directional signs and new room signs will be posted to reflect the information noted below. Further updates will be provided prior to additional moves.

Move Date: Wednesday, December 16

1. Hearing Referees and staff vacate the 3rd floor. Business will be conducted in the following areas effective Thursday, December 17:

Judge Broyles and Judge Wasmann’s chamber will be Room 2243 (fka Mary Fagan’s office).
The hearing referees’ courtroom is Room 2103, Courtroom 2E.
Jen Lay and Jessica Martinmaas’ office will be Room 2241 (fka Marne Albracht’s office).

2. Shelly Strunk, Law Clerk, vacates the 5th floor.

Shelly’s office will be Room 1477 (aka Tammy Dover’s office) effective Thursday, December 17.

Move Date: Thursday, December 17

3. Judge Rhoades and her staff vacate the 5th floor. Business will be conducted in the following areas effective Friday, December 18:

Judge Rhoades’ chambers will be Room 1287 (fka the staff break room).
Judge Rhoades’ courtroom will be Room 1277 (fka the larger mediation room).
Noelle Leopole and Andrea Nofziger’s office will be Room 1284 (fka David Bertram’s office).

Move Date: Friday, December 18

4. Judge Dickey and his staff vacate the 5th floor. Business will be conducted in the following areas effective Monday, December 21:

Judge Dickey’s chambers will be Room 4131 (aka Chamber 4B)
Judge Dickey’s courtroom will be Courtroom 4B.
Kim Taylor and Monica Martinez’s office will be Room 4303 (fka Judge Abernethy’s jury room).
Two settlement conference rooms will also be in Room 4303.

5. Judge Wilson and his staff vacate the 5th floor. Business will be conducted in the following areas effective Monday, December 21:

Judge Wilson’s chambers will be on the 3rd floor (Room 3316).
Judge Wilson’s courtroom will be Courtroom 3A.
Vicki Hand’s office will be Room 3315 (fka Jen Lay’s office)
Rhonda Olsen’s office will be Room 3313 (fka Jessica Martinmaas’ office)

MCBA Annual Awards and Pro-Bono Awards Dinner

The Marion County Bar Board of Directors pleased to announce the following award recipients:

Carson Award (Service to the Bar)
Mark Comstock

Carson Award (Service to the Community)
Michael Keeney

Compton Award (Service to Bar non-lawyer)
Jessica Otjen – Boys & Girls Club Teen Court Coordinator

Professionalism Award
James Griggs

Awards will be presented on Thursday, January 21, 2010 at Creekside Golf Club.

Court House Connections – Foreclosure Issues and Scams CLE

MCBA is joining with Mary Leonard Law Society and Marion and Polk Legal Aid Services in presenting this CLE on new legislation effecting foreclosures and the foreclosure relief scams that are tempting many homeowners! Speakers include Keith Dubanevich, Chief of Staff and Special Counsel for the Department of Justice, and Louis Savage from the Department of Consumer and Business Services.

Prices for MCBA and MLLS members:
This CLE is part of the MCBA “Give Back Series.” As with the other CLE’s in the series, In exchange for a member’s commitment to take on at least one pro-bono case in the next year, MCBA will waive the $25.00 registration fee. Each program includes a complementary box lunch. Please join us on January 19th at noon in Courtroom 1B and make a difference!

Register: To register, or for more information, please call Natasha Bachelu at 503-399-1070. You must pre-register by January 18 to receive the box lunch.

Child Abuse Reporting

MCBA is pleased to once again present the annual Child Abuse Reporting CLE. Amanda Marshall of the Department of Justice Civil Enforcement Child Advocacy Section will present this sensitive and important information. This CLE will immediately follow the Technology 4 Attorneys CLE in the Montag Den at Willamette University. Submission for Oregon CLE credit in process (1 Child Abuse Reporting).

Prices for MCBA members:
$25 Early Bird Registration (through November 27, 2009)
$30 Seminar Registration (after November 27, 2009)
Prices for non-MCBA members:
Add $5.00 to above prices.

Register: To register, or for more information, please call Natasha Bachelu at 503-399-1070.

Lawyers vs. e-Discovery, e-Mail, Encryption, Metadata, GPS and Facebook

This CLE, co-sponsored by MCBA, will emphasize technology related legal issues that are having an ever increasing and significant impact on the practice of law, whether at the office or in the courtroom. Submission for Oregon CLE credit in process (4 General, 1 Ethics).

Program Highlights:
* Update on some of the latest electronic discovery cases.
* Reviewing the potential malpractice risks to lawyers re: unprotected email.
* Learn why encryption of email and data will soon become mandatory.
* Understand the increasing risks of “metadata” malpractice for lawyers.
* Learn some of the ways to protect against client data theft.
* Learn how GPS technology will transform the law practice.
* Review some of the latest ethical concerns impacting lawyers using technology.
* Learn how to protect against many wireless network risks.
* Learn how case management software can enhance your practice & reduce your risks.
* Learn how Twitter, Facebook, et al, will affect your law practice.

Prices for MCBA members:
$75.00 Early Bird Registration (through November 27, 2009).
$125.00 Seminar Registration (after November 27, 2009).
Prices for non-MCBA members:
Add $25.00 to above prices.

Register: Register on line at: www.technology4attorneys.com
Technology 4 Attorneys, LLC
P.O. Box 4811
Boise, Idaho 83711
Tel: 208-371-7171
Fax: 208-575-2004

2009 MCBA Memorial Service

The 2009 Biennial MCBA Memorial Service is scheduled for November 20, 2009 from 1-3pm in Courtroom 2A. At this memorial service, the Marion County Bar Association recognizes members that have passed in the past two years for their significance to the Salem legal community. Families of deceased members are invited to attend this ceremony.

Below is the list of members currently on the list and the person who will speak on their behalf.

Deceased Member   Speaker
Thomas Churchill   David Leonard
Hon. Duane Ertsgaard   Hon. John Wilson
James Tiger   George Duncan or Jennifer Neigel
Viva Linda Lorick Foley   Jason Siebert
Rupert Edmund Park   Hon. Richard Barber and David Kenagy
Donald Leon Pailette   Hon. Edwin Peterson
Honorable Berkley "Bud" Lent   Hon. Edwin Peterson
Bryan Johnston   Hon. Mary James
Dana Anderson   Blake Underwood
Dennis Sarriugarte   Steven Gorham
John P. McCulloch   Hon. Pamela Abernethy
Edward L. “Ned” Clark, Jr.   James C. Edmonds

If you are aware of any other members we have missed or would be willing to speak on behalf of please contact Ryan W. Collier, ryan@collier-law.com; 503-485-7224.

Conference to Celebrate The Oregon Supreme Court Sesquicentennial

SALEM, Ore. — The Willamette University Center for Law and Government is
pleased to sponsor a conference celebrating the Oregon Supreme Court’s 150 years of service to the state of Oregon. Among the topics to be discussed are the history of the Court, the manner in which its members are selected and retain their seats, and the Court’s contributions to American law. In addition, the current chief justice and several current and former members of the Oregon Supreme Court will discuss the Court’s place within the state judicial system and the Oregon legal community more broadly. The Oregon State Bar Appellate Litigation Section and the University of Oregon Kenneth O’Connell Conference are co-sponsors of the event.

A highlight of the conference will be the keynote lecture by Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz of the Oregon Supreme Court. A 1975 graduate of Willamette University College of Law, De Muniz worked in public defense and private practice for 15 years before being tapped by the governor to serve on the Oregon Court of Appeals. He served on the appeals court for more than 10 years, including three years as a presiding judge on one of the three appellate court panels. De Muniz was first elected to the Oregon Supreme Court in January 2001. Five years later, he was unanimously elected by the other justices to head the Court.

“A Supreme Sesquicentennial: The Oregon Supreme Court at 150 Years and Beyond” will be held Friday, Oct. 9, 2009, at Willamette University College of Law in Salem, Ore. The program will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; a reception will immediately follow the event.

The symposium registration fee is $175 for Bar and non-Bar members and $140 for judges, government lawyers and public interest attorneys. Registration is free for law students with a valid student identification card.

Attendees are eligible to receive six hours of general Oregon Continuing Legal Education credit.

For conference registration information, please call the Willamette Center for Law and Government at 503-370-6046 or send an e-mail to Reyna Meyers at rmeyers@willamette.edu.

Click here for the flyer.


The Willamette Center for Law and Government was established in 2002 to promote the impartial study and understanding of federal-state and government-citizen relations in the United States. The Center administers a specialized curricular program for law students, conducts academic symposia and conferences, sponsors programs of training and orientation for public and elected officials, and holds a national essay competition on the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.

The Center for Law and Government is endowed by a generous contribution from Willamette law graduate Kenneth D. Peterson Jr. JD’80 and the Peterson Family Foundation.

Mid-Willamette Valley Lawyers Against Hunger Soiree

Mid-Willamette Valley Lawyers Against Hunger Soiree
by Shannon Terry

As Oregon’s unemployment levels rise, requests for emergency food continue to reach record levels. According to the Oregon Food Bank Network of regional food banks, distribution of emergency food boxes increased 15 percent in Oregon between July 1 and December 30, 2008, compared to the same period in 2007. Thirty-six percent of those receiving food are children, and over 22 percent are disabled Oregonians.

In response to this need, local attorneys are prepared to act! On September 10, 2009, the First Annual Mid-Willamette Valley Lawyers Against Hunger Soiree will be held in Salem at the Riverfront Carousel. All proceeds raised at the event will go directly to the Oregon Food Bank and Marion/Polk County Food Share. Cosponsors include the Mary Leonard Law Society (Salem OWLS), the Marion County Bar Association, Willamette University College of Law, the Law Office of Gordon L. Dick, Sherman Sherman Johnnie & Hoyt, and Swanson Lathan Alexander & McCann. The Soiree is intended to raise the profile of the Oregon Food Bank and stress the need to end huger in our communities.

The Soiree will begin at 5:00 with welcoming remarks by Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz followed by a brief presentation from the Oregon Food Bank. The event cosponsors will then host a silent auction of ceramic bowls crafted by leaders in our legal community. There will also be live music featuring local Salem attorneys. The Oregon Winegrowers Association has generously donated a fine selection of Oregon wines and Reed Catering will serve hors d’oeuvres. Each attendee will be encouraged to make a donation to the Oregon Food Bank. In an effort to encourage a higher level of participation, at the end of the evening a “Golden Can Award” will be presented to the individual, small firm and large firm that have made the greatest total donations. Each recipient will be able to proudly display their “Golden Can” until the 2010 Soiree.

For more information, please email maryleonardlawsociety@hotmail.com.

Click here for the invitation.