2009 MCBA Memorial Service

The 2009 Biennial MCBA Memorial Service is scheduled for November 20, 2009 from 1-3pm in Courtroom 2A. At this memorial service, the Marion County Bar Association recognizes members that have passed in the past two years for their significance to the Salem legal community. Families of deceased members are invited to attend this ceremony.

Below is the list of members currently on the list and the person who will speak on their behalf.

Deceased Member   Speaker
Thomas Churchill   David Leonard
Hon. Duane Ertsgaard   Hon. John Wilson
James Tiger   George Duncan or Jennifer Neigel
Viva Linda Lorick Foley   Jason Siebert
Rupert Edmund Park   Hon. Richard Barber and David Kenagy
Donald Leon Pailette   Hon. Edwin Peterson
Honorable Berkley "Bud" Lent   Hon. Edwin Peterson
Bryan Johnston   Hon. Mary James
Dana Anderson   Blake Underwood
Dennis Sarriugarte   Steven Gorham
John P. McCulloch   Hon. Pamela Abernethy
Edward L. “Ned” Clark, Jr.   James C. Edmonds

If you are aware of any other members we have missed or would be willing to speak on behalf of please contact Ryan W. Collier, ryan@collier-law.com; 503-485-7224.

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